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Experience the difference of having a Holistic and Biologic Dentist from the first consultation appointment. Here, we focus on identifying oral disease and toxicity to treat the patient as a whole. We practice amalgam free and mercury safe dentistry through tested methods and published research. Continuous education in General  and Holistic Dentistry allows us to constantly innovate to deliver the best care possible. 

We offer a wide variety of services like General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Implant Services, Oral Surgery, Conscious Sedation and more. We accept most PPO insurances. Call us today and experience what good dental care in a relaxed environment feels like. 

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The health and beauty of your mouth is only part of the bigger picture. Let us take you further. Erase the wrinkles and lines you keep seeing  in the mirror and in your photos. Put our years of experience to good use. There is no down time with this procedure. You can go right back to work.

Start with a consultation… You have nothing to loose. Inform yourself, explore your options and costs, talk to our doctors and learn about the possibilities based on YOUR desires. The results can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish. Schedule a consultation today… You will not regret it.



Your smile screams a thousand words, and how you feel about it says even more. Do you cover your mouth when you laugh? Do you tighten your lips when you smile, because you don’t want to show your teeth? These images send messages about you to those around you. do the images talk about who you are, or whom you are hiding?

At Cobblestone Family Dental we understand that not every smile has to be perfect. It just has to be perfect for you. Schedule a smile consultation and let our doctors show you the possibilities. There is much to gain and nothing to lose. Call today!


A beautiful smile is a great thing to behold. This is a very simple procedure that will give you big rewards. If you have never done it, you are likely to see very noticeable changes. If you have done it, then maybe it is time to update that darker shade. Either way, you will be better than when you started.

Choose from at home custom trays or in office procedures. Let your lifestyle guide the way and call us today!


Braces… Almost every person will need them or want them at one point in their lives. Sometimes they are for esthetic reasons, and sometimes they are for clinical reasons. Schedule an appointment At our office to discuss about options, length of treatment, payment options, and more.


The majority of the oral surgery needs can be handled right here in our office. Let our doctors take care of you. If you have been postponing a procedure because of fear, then maybe oral sedation is your solution! Stop looking for excuses. The solution is in front of you. Call now!


In the cases when decay on a tooth is left unchecked, it will continue to burrow its way to the nerve at the core of the tooth. When this happens, there are only two options: to do a Root Canal, or to lose the tooth.

Sadly, Root Canals have gotten a bad reputation in regards to pain. This is a misconception. If the infection is very severe, the anesthetic may not take, and that is when pain is unavoidable. However, with the precaution of a few days of antibiotics before the procedure, everything. This procedure CAN be painless.


This is an exciting time in dentistry! Implants have been around for decades now. All that time, all those improvements… They lead to a better and more reliable product. Implants are the single and absolute best option for tooth replacement. Wether it is a single or multiple teeth, or even full dentures… They are the solution!

However, the longer a patient waits for an implant placement, the worse the conditions in the mouth get. This may lead to a need for additional procedures, just to get the site right. If you need an implant, don’t wait. Call for a consultation today and see your options. Let our in house specialist help you decide what is best for your mouth.


This is a great solution for the adult in today’s world. Some patients didn’t have a chance to have braces, and some did have it, but their teeth have shifted again. Either way, if the problem is crooked teeth and you want to correct that, this may be your solution.

Invisalign is a series of custom made trays that are worn for the majority of the day, and in doing so, create the desired changes in the alignment of the teeth. Not everybody is a candidate, so come on in. Schedule your free consultation today and see if Invisalign is right for you.

Meet Our Staff

Dr Jimena Fernandez

Dentistry and Orthodontics

Stephania Azor


Idalmis Jimenez


Arelis Feliz

Treatment coordinator

Linda de la Vega

Head Assistant

Dr Edgar Navarrete


What Our Patients Say About Us

Juvederm & Botox

I love Dr Jimena Fernandez because she is very detail oriented and she will take all the necessary time until you look “perfect” She is the best! I did this same procedure with other doctors and nothing near this result.


Adriana K. Hollywood

Great Experience!

State of the art center. They do digital xrays here and the dentist goes over them with you explaining everything she sees. I would highly recommend.


Devon C. Miami

I strongly recommend Dr. Fernandez if anyone needs a dentist. Dr. Fernandez and her staff are extremely professional and courteous whenever I need their attention. They also bend over backwards to accomodate my schedule whenever I need to make an appointment. One other important note there is minimal wait time in the waiting room!


Mitch Pembroke Pines

All who work there are so courteous and wonderful. Dr. Fernandez is so gentle and kind. Best dentist ever !! Thanks for being so flexible with scheduling.

Sheila G. Pembroke Pines

I posted a review on Google but love her so much I wanted to post on yelp as well :) I have been seeing Dr Fernandez for over a year now and have to say hands down she is the best dentist I have ever had. She is very talented, knowledgeable, and passionate about her job as well as getting to know and taking care of her patients. Her office staff is always a pleasure to work with and they have always been very accommodating to me. what else could you ask for?!? A++

Stewart D Hollywood, FL

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